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On December 8, 2014, company owner, Peter Wolfing, Launched the payment processor for National Wealth Center. This payment processor is  active and available so the company can process payments for those members who choose to use the ‘in-house’ processor. In other words, this payment processor allows National Wealth Center to handle the processing of all commission payments, relieving members from having to use a third party payment processor.

This payment processor for National Wealth Center can be found in the back office when you click on “My Account” and select “Profile.” Once you are in “Profile”, scroll down to “Payment Information, ” as shown in the screenshot below.

 Payment processor for National Wealth Center


A Few Things You Must Know about the New Payment Processor for National Wealth Center:

There are  Very Important Things to Be Aware of Regarding this new payment processor for National Wealth Center:

  • Members must choose to use either their own payment processors OR use the NWC payment processor.  They cannot do both.
  • There is a 20% convenience fee per transaction given the company has to process and distribute the payments to each member.  While there may be some discontent over this 20% convenience fee, it is crucial to understand that National Wealth Center will be handling the entire payment process and it is expensive to handle the tremendous volume of payouts to be distributed.
  • Currently, commission payouts will happen twice a month.  However, Peter wolfing is working on features within this new processor to enable commissions to be paid more quickly.

I hope you got some value from this post and that you now have a clear understanding of the new payment processor for National Wealth Center.


This Is Just One Option. For The 100% Commissions, You Will Use A Third Party Collector Such As Pay-Pal

Instructions Are Inside Our Team Training


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